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Newsletters are one of the most powerful ways to stay in touch with your customer base. Mailing your past customers a full color, multi-page newsletter several times per year is the best way to maintain a healthy amount of repeat and referral business. There is no doubt a satisfied customer is your best salesperson, and even better if well-informed. Keeping them in the loop on your new product offerings, or special discounts is only going to help grow your business. Donít forget to offer them a reward for helping out!

Maintaining a relationship with your customers by mailing a four, six or eight page newsletter allows you to keep your company and message in front of them throughout the year. The biggest challenge of direct marketing is always timing. You donít know when someone will decide to take on a home improvement project, but you can make sure they havenít put your company out of mind when that time comes.

Regular contact through the mailing of high-quality, informative, professionally designed and written newsletters
gives your customers the impression of stability you need in this economy. Your company isnít a faceless megacorporation or some here-today, gone-tomorrow start-up that wonít be around to back up their work. Make your presence known!

Not only will your customers read your newsletter -- they will actually look forward to it. Being printed in full
color on premium glossy paper helps to ensure your custom newsletter makes it to the coffee table so it can be read, not tossed in the recycle bin with this monthís coupon magazine! Printed newsletters from get read!

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